Cristo Rey San Diego High School Appoints Christian Kampfl as President

Cristo Rey San Diego High School (CRSDHS) is pleased to announce that the Board of Directors has appointed Christian Kampfl as the new President, replacing Founding President Robert Nascenzi. Mr. Kampfl began his term on July 10, 2023.

Mr. Kampfl first joined CRSDHS as Executive Director in November 2022. Prior to CRSDHS, Mr. Kampfl spent the last 30 years as a commercial sales and marketing executive for industry leading biotech/healthcare companies like Genentech, AstraZeneca and Endo Pharmaceuticals. Additionally, Mr. Kampfl found a true passion in building and leading successful early stage companies.  He is excited to bring these skills and this passion to CRSDHS.

“I was fortunate to learn and develop my commercial acumen from world leading organizations early on in my career and was ultimately able to transfer that knowledge to build very successful start-up and early stage sales teams.”

Mr. Kampfl has been instrumental in leading the school through a critical transition from our founders to the current leadership team and is excited to be the second president at CRSDHS.

“I want to thank and commend Bob Nascenzi and our founding board, staff and faculty.  Without their vision, courage and passion we would not be in a position to take Cristo Rey San Diego High School to the next level.”

In recent months, the school has made some significant steps forward while Mr. Kampfl was in the Executive Director’s role.  First, through a generous grant from the Shea Family Foundation, the school is going through significant aesthetic and functional upgrades all meant to elevate the high school experience and attract students, faculty, and staff. Second, the school has added key positions to appropriately resource the school’s ambitious growth goals. Third, the leadership team, board of directors, and corporate partners are larger in number and stronger than ever. All this will significantly contribute to the school’s aspirational goal of building a Catholic, college preparatory, high school that will transform San Diego one student at a time. 

“Cristo Rey San Diego High School launched in August 2020; this presented a tremendous challenge. As we enter into our fourth year and prepare to graduate our first class of seniors, we are poised to achieve a new level of stability and success. The key will be the community of San Diego providing support, and Christian is the right person to represent Cristo Rey San Diego and lead the effort to deepen our partnership with the entire community of San Diego. He is experienced, has a track record of success, and deeply believes in the transformational opportunity that Cristo Rey provides for students and their families in San Diego,” Dr. Gil Brady, Board Chair. 

For more information on CRSDHS’s President please visit our website and see how you can be a part of “The School that Works.”