Keith Michael Estrada

Señor Estrada is a San Diego, California native raised in a Spanish-speaking home of indigenous descent.  After graduating from high school in the South Bay, Señor Estrada studied philosophy for six years and then studied teaching for another two years.  Señor Estrada also enjoys studying language — after high school, they studied English, French, German, Latin, Spanish, and American Sign Language.   Señor Estrada recently started studying Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Arabic, and Mandarin.  Apart from language and philosophy, Señor Estrada loves reading and writing, and hopes that all of his students develop and grow in their language abilities through plenty of reading and writing — but also through listening and speaking.
In addition to holding a Master of Arts in Teaching degree, a Graduate Certificate in Gifted Education, a Graduate Certificate in Special Education, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing awarded Señor Estrada a teaching credential in history—social science,  an instructional credential in special education for scholars with mild- to moderate-disabilities, and authorizations to provide instruction to learners of English, to provide bilingual instruction in Spanish, and provide special support services for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Señor Estrada is a member of numerous learned and professional societies and is currently pursuing a second Master of Arts degree in philosophy and bioethics. 

Keith Michael Estrada

History Teacher



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