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My name is Trevor Jones, the kids call me Mr. Jones. I have had the desire to become an educator as early as the age of 13! This was due largely to the fact that I had a super rad 7th grade science teacher. The example he set and the impact he had on our learning and overall well being was tremendous. His example made the idea of teaching with love and excitement into a goal/vision I saw for myself one day. This is now officially my 3rd year teaching, though I am considered four years in due to the previous years of substitute teaching I served. I did this while earning my graduate degree and credentials. I played football from high school through college and enjoyed every second of the sport, which is why I still have a passion for coaching it. My multi-sport background alongside a few years of personal training has given me the confidence to coach other sports as well.


I am really looking forward to teaching both U.S. History and Physical Education this school year! My undergraduate degree was a Social Studies degree. I find learning about stories of the past highly fascinating. Last time I was working in a high school I was a student teacher finishing off my credentials teaching 10th and 11th grade social studies. It is nice to come back full circle as a fully credentialed teacher with my own 10th grade classroom. As a substitute I would often find myself covering physical education classrooms and taking over positional absences for up to 30 days at a time. I would gladly accept the P.E. jobs knowing I get to be doing what I love in another environment similar to coaching. Some former students and athletes have dubbed me with the name “good vibes only.” I have a highly optimistic view which is why I am excited and proud to have been hired to serve at Cristo Rey and bring my “good vibes only” mentality to campus. This will be my second year at a Catholic school. I chose to remain in Catholic education because God is great and I will gladly be around others that believe so as well.

Trevor Jones

Athletics Director & P.E. Teacher