Message from President

Dr. Gil Brady

Interim Board Chair

Dear Friends of Cristo Rey San Diego,


As we emerge with the wisdom and insight of the first three years of our existence, we find ourselves more prepared than ever to forge a path forward that ensures this community is thriving instead of surviving.


In September of 2023 we will welcome our fourth incoming class. This means that we will now have all four grades on campus. Having seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen provides another example of progress and wholeness. The senior class will actively step into a more meaningful and important leadership space, and the culture of the school will benefit from the increased student size and the increased number of clubs, activities, and sports teams.


One key aspect of the Cristo Rey model is to understand the concept of Corporate Work Study. Through our innovative Corporate Work Study program, every Cristo Rey student works five days per month at one of San Diego’s top companies. Through this program, they gain real-world skills, while earning roughly half the cost of their education. Students are empowered to build fulfilling lives that advance the common good.


Cristo Rey San Diego’s success does require the generosity and support of the San Diego community. This generosity provides opportunity for our students and we are committed to the compelling truth that all students can succeed when given the right opportunity.


Our students bring real value to the places they work. They are responsible, hard-working, and dedicated additions to any community. As they continue their education, the challenges they have successfully navigated, including the challenge of working and going to school, will position them as highly desirable candidates for any future opportunities they pursue.


Please take a moment and reach out. Your talent, your passion, and your gifts can be part of this wonderful collective journey that is taking place at Cristo Rey San Diego High School. We are truly The School that Works! We look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon!


In partnership and with gratitude,


Gil Brady

Interim President