Message From The President

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Dear friends, family and fans of Cristo Rey,


We are at a real turning point for our high school. We have benefited from three years of wisdom and insight and find ourselves more prepared and excited than ever to forge a path forward that ensures this community thrives.


A milestone. In August we welcome our fourth incoming class. Having seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen on campus is an example of 

progress and wholeness. Our seniors will actively step into a more meaningful and important leadership space, and the culture of the school will benefit from the increased student size and the increased number of clubs, activities, and sports teams.


Our secret. We are “the school that works!” Through our innovative Corporate Work Study program, every Cristo Rey student works five days per month at one of San Diego’s top companies. Our students bring real value to the places where they work. They are responsible, hard-working, and dedicated additions to any community. As they continue their education, the challenges they have successfully navigated, including the challenge of working and going to school, will position them as highly desirable candidates for any future opportunities they pursue.


Our audacious aspiration. A state of art campus and facility that supports the idea that the people we serve do not need charity. The people we serve are an asset that is not effectively tapped into in society. They are driven, resilient, and resourceful. Earning their opportunity, they bring an appreciation for the process of achievement. To truly transform a community, we simply need to create an opportunity path for everyone. The work study program is a novel and effective model for ensuring the students we serve understand the power of working hard and earning the opportunities they want and deserve in life. Our model simply allows the exposure to see how possible it is for them. By closing the opportunity gap, we unleash a student body that is well prepared and ready to go “to and through” college. More than any other lever, this combination of education, work study and faith will do the most to impact a family’s transformation.


Our mission. To educate young people of limited economic means to become men and women of faith, purpose, and service, who are prepared for life. To provide the path not only to college, but through to graduation for every student.


Our invitation. To explore our website to learn more about who we are, what we do, and the many ways that you can join our community. Your involvement and/or contribution to this school will be purposeful and will have generational impact!


Our future. Requires the generosity and support of the San Diego community. This generosity provides opportunity for our students, and we are committed to the compelling truth that all students can succeed when given the right opportunity.


“The future starts today, not tomorrow.”

– Saint John Paul II

Christian H. Kampfl