Corporate Work Study Program

The Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) is a separately incorporated entity within Cristo Rey San Diego High School that places every student in a professional job (on-site, remote or hybrid) five full days a month, all four years of high school.


Build community and benefit today from a trained, hard working, and well-supported workforce boasting a reputation for reliability and success.

Corporate Work Study Program


Steve Egge, Vice President of Corporate Work Study Program • 760.525.8017

How it Works

Four students rotate through the week to fill the position full-time. Each student has an assigned day on which he or she works. On Friday, the four students rotate to share the fifth day of the week. In each four-week span, each student will have one week in which he or she works two days. Student schedules are created so that students never miss a class.

Students are employees of the Corporate Work Study program, not the job partners. Partners pay a flat fee to the Corporate Work Study program for one full-time Corporate Work Study team. The Corporate Work Study program handles all payroll, W-4, I-9, and Worker’s Compensation paperwork, as well as all routine employer issues.

Our Partners

Cristo Rey San Diego’s unique model of education is funded by our corporate partners and sponsors. We are proud to partner with each of the organizations listed below.

Healthcare/Life Sciences

Professional Services

Real Estate


Construction &




Nonprofit Sponsors


“Students benefit from seeing that they belong in the workplace. It’s about exposure, seeing what the world is like beyond the classroom, being able to act on something and provide value and contribute to something – that’s how we build confidence.”

Natalie Dahl, Managing Director, CBRE


“The students have embraced this work experience with enthusiasm and openness to learn new things.” 

Maria Olivia “Marioly” Galván, Chancellor and Director of Pastoral Ministries, Dioceses of San Diego

“The Corporate Work Study Program has been extremely rewarding for both the students and Precision Diagnostics. The students provide support to our lab, billing, compliance, human resources and shipping/receiving teams and have proved to be integral in keeping the flow of important information between all departments. Their work has become so important to Precision Diagnostics. Not only are we building experience and resumes for the students, but we are also providing valuable supervisorial experience for our staff.”

Sarah Pekarek, Senior Human Resources Generalist, Precision Diagnostics