Work Study Program Open House

CWSP Open House

Friday, May 6th, from 12-1pm

Cristo Rey San Diego High School

1228 S 38th Street San Diego, CA 92113

To RSVP, please email Steve Egge, Director of Corporate Work Study, at

We invite you to learn about a new workforce development program!
Cristo Rey San Diego High School offers a distinctive integration of college preparatory academics with professional work experience.
See firsthand how our school works! Take the opportunity to hear from our team, meet our students, and connect with current job partners that are making an investment in the community while developing their diverse future workforce.

Cristo 210



Cristo Rey San Diego is looking for new job partners to employ students for the 2022-2023 school year! We are adding our third freshman class next year as we grow the school to a full four-year high school. We are seeking additional corporate job sponsors, so all our students have the unique opportunity to gain invaluable and life changing work experience.  We would love an opportunity to sit down with you to explain in more detail how the Corporate Work Study Program works and share with you how other local companies are utilizing our students to support their workforce.


CWSP partners
Thank you to the 26 above partners who currently support our students in the Work Study Program!